Not so long ago lip augmentation was associated by many people with world celebrities’ whim of perfection. However, the times have changed and large, shapely lips are the desire of nearly every woman. Lips are one of female assets as it is the lips that usually draw the interlocutor’s attention and shapely, beautiful and sensual lips attract many men.
Nowadays patients have a wide array of preparations for lip augmentation and modeling to choose from. In the twenty first century the most popular method is application of hyaluronic acid that lasts for a few months to about two years. Hyaluronic acid is found in the epidermis and is absolutely safe for the human organism. The preparation is a fully absorbed substance.
At Medical Margaret Spa we work only with original preparations. We meet the patients’ expectations to make their lips beautiful, alluring, moisturized and as close to natural as possible.
For augmentation and modeling of the lips we use:
- juvederm  ultra smile,
- juvederm 3,
- volbella,
- surgiderm,
- restylane.
Contraindications for the procedure:
- pregnancy and breastfeeding,
- skin inflammation,
- inclination towards hypertrophic scars,
- autoimmune diseases,
- allergy to lignocaine.
Filling of the lips consists in injection of the substance in the form of gel into them, which results in smoothing of the skin and restoration of its proper moisturization. Depending on the expectations there is a possibility of contour correction, lower or upper lip volume augmentation as well as lifting the mouth corners.


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