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Maciej Brocki, M.D. 
certified doctor of esthetic medicine, specialist ophthalmologist

A certified doctor of esthetic medicine, specialist ophthalmologist, graduate of the Department of Medicine at the Medical University in Łódź. He finished the Polish Medical Association Postgraduate School of Esthetic Medicine established under supervision of the International Esthetic Medicine Association. Since 2009 – a specialist ophthalmologist at the Military Medical Academy University Teaching Hospital. He is a member of the Polish Ophthalmologist Association as well as the Polish Esthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Association. An advocate of concomitant therapy within esthetic medicine as a response to a patient’s individual needs. The doctor’s passion are procedures of eye region rejuvenation, both the non-invasive ones within esthetic medicine as well as blepharoplasty.

Dr. Brocki has many-years’ experience in the following esthetic medical procedures:
- hyaluronic threads,
- mesotherapy,
- volumetry,
- lip augmentation,
- botulinum toxin,
- hyaluronic acid,
- hyperhidrosis,
- lipolysis,
- laser therapy.
He constantly broadens his knowledge of esthetic medicine and ophthalmic plastics by taking part in trainings and conferences both in Poland as well as abroad.



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